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“I just want [listeners] to take away what we hope to be dishing out: some good energy,” said Sexton. “It’s troubled times, and our goal is to make people feel good. 311 is not a political entity. We’re not here to hound up the Republican Party and Democratic Party. We want to help people forget their problems and function as more of a spiritual Band-Aid instead of a political one. Our music is more about life messages and philosophies.”

you guys are music.

#a follower of your music from Malaysia


My car over heated yesterday. though it turned out to be not so bad.
this was in front of me, so i sat on the trunk top and drew.

it reminded me of the time I sat by the window in Di-Ann,
it was the same time I accidentally dropped my lighter out the window
on Raadhuisstraat Street.


a view

the window on menara hartamas